Junker is proud to render innovative solutions and authentic customer service

Gone are the days when cardboard cartons were used to store or collect books, clothes and other household materials for executing the relocation process. Time has changed now and hence Junker, a well renowned packing and moving company based in Berlin is providing an innovative and recyclable solution for storing all types of valuable items. We have come up with a unique solution by providing our customers some sturdy storage boxes of Junker brand that are both environmentally-friendly and cost-effective and promises to provide abundant space provision with absolute protection even to the fragile items.

Regardless for what purpose you are interested in our storage boxes whether want to buy them or want to give them on rent or just interested in using our storage facilities, we the experts of Junker feels great in processing your relocation process completely starting from planning, organizing the transport, handling storage and outsourcing the property as part of your relocation.

You are free to contact us for either residential moving or commercial moving and can avail the details related to any of our services.

Also, as we are the leading company, we offer relocation cartons and warehouse packagings as part of the relocation and warehousing process. Below mentioned are the rates for our specific service

Pickup From 14,99 €
Storage wtl./ Box From 1,99 €
Storage incl./ Box From 3,99 €
Technical Information of Junker Storage Box
Capacity Approx. 87 liters
Height 40.0 cm
Width 65.0 cm
Depth 45.0 cm
Material Polypropylen
Mass <3.0 kg

Please contact us to request current references of our corporate clients. This we can provide on request.