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How to Move Bookshelf Safely to your New Destination

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Furniture moving services Berlin

Now this blog would surely be of interest to all those who are book lovers and sometime or the other they need to relocate to another destination because of their transferable job or other such similar reason. Book lovers don’t see that how many books they keep on adding to their bookshelf, the only concern which they are mostly concerned about that their books and bookshelf should reach to another destination safely and without any damage. Unlike other furniture item the bookshelf is very heavy and need to be transferred safely and with caution. To make things simple and easy for you, the Junker, which is one the best furniture moving services Berlin has shared some useful tips following which anyone could achieve safe and secure transfer of the bookshelf to the new destination.

Furniture moving services Berlin

Don’t Disposition the Bookshelf at Once

What most of the people do is that they shift the bookshelf at once even when it is loaded with books which is a wrong way to disposition the bookshelf. Unlike other items the bookshelf should be shifted very cautiously and first the books should be removed from the shelf to shift to another location, otherwise, the bookshelf could be at risk of breaking down. First remove all the books, then pack the bookshelf and then move it. With books not removed it may cause the shelf to get damaged or break down.


Now this is also very important if the bookshelf can be disassembled, then this very good thing to do. What furniture moving services Berlin suggests that after removing books from the shelf, the shelf should be unscrewed and can be folded into layers so that it could be shifted in a nice and safe manner. Disassembling parts of the shelf will help you in carrying the shelf to another location securely and without any trouble.

Hire Junker Professionals

After doing all the above things, it is always better to adhere to Junker services which is one of the most trustworthy furniture moving services Berlin and can cater your needs with its upbeat solutions. Not only does your bookshelf has to be shifted, your books also need proper packing and moving care which Junker can give and help you in packing up your books with utmost care and caution and also let you to shift both the books and bookshelf nicely to another destination.

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