The government moving is not just a regular residential or corporate moving, it calls for re-evaluating the strategies time and again on quite a lot of intricacies for the government moves that are not even found necessary discussing in any other regular or conventional move. Our corporate relocation services Berlin takes best possible efforts to learn the insights of the government office’s functionality and layout a structured plan of action that gets strictly followed for the entire process in reassembling every department’s furniture and other official stuff without getting it merged with other departments’ goods and items. The government move is not restricted to only look for ways in moving its office furniture and office materials and files, it demands rigorous strategies from the Packing & storage companies Berlin to safely execute the government moving to the new location by abiding to strictly all the safety and security features for all the office materials especially the sensitive information. The authenticity of the services and relevant experience in handling government moving is essential for any moving company Berlin and this is what distinguish Junker from other Packing & storage companies Berlin for government moving that doesn’t compromise on quality in shielding even a bit of information from any threats during the relocation process of the government offices and agencies.

Step-by-Step Procedure from Our Moving Company Berlin for Government Moving

We at Junker believe in adhering to an orderly way of doing things and follows a plan which we have summarized for our clients who wish to access our government moving services.

Assess The Requirements

First and foremost, we do an assessment before moving and this assessment includes meeting with the client, learning all the major and minor aspects of clients’ requirements and make a note on all the parameters which are of utmost importance to the client with the office materials and other items.

Cautiously Pack and Unpack

We give 100% assurance that even the items as small as stationery pins and clips and items as sensitive as digital devices gets packed with zero risk of damage and same cautiousness is being followed while unpacking the items at the new location.

Pick, Check and Use Best Packing Supplies

Worry not as the team at Junker employs the use of only the best and quality packing supplies and never take a risk in utilizing poor quality of packing materials that can cause hurdle in transit. Every good or item is tightly sealed and labeled in order to avoid unauthorized access and confusion among the items at the time of unpacking at the new office location.